Lauren Arzbaecher

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We often look to the our past to see what was in style, what everyday experiences were like, what people cared about in any particular era. We look back to see how we have changed. Or how we haven’t. Yet in the digital age, we are all too willing to let the next trending topic on Twitter or limited tv series do the leg work for us.

Retellings—or, honestly, first tellings for many viewers because of the penchant of the American educational system to deliberately overlook the lengthy list of historical events that illuminate the atrocities committed to minority groups…

After the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) charged through 23 movies leading up to the cataclysmic finale that was Endgame, it seemed like superheroes had hit their on-screen peak. These films kept our ever-shortening attention across 11 years and put the cherry on top of a meteoric run by snagging the title for highest grossing film of all time. Not all of these movies are great, some far from it, but Kevin Feige and the creative teams at Marvel Studios deserve commendation just for the feat of linking the plots of all of these films together. …

Lauren Arzbaecher

Writer, designer, and mediocre pun connoisseur. Usually writing (and ranting) about things on screen, and occasionally, the wild world off of it.

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